January 25th - 30th 2023
Infinite Abundance

A deep subconscious transformative immersive experience with Gunjani Patel-Oza in the heart of one of the most breathtaking places on the planet - BALI, Indonesia!

Are you ready to step into your Empress Archetype?

The Empress archetype is the vessel for the divine feminine, she is the ruler of all our deepest emotions and compassion.

 She is sure of herself and a caring mother figure to others. She is not afraid to love and be loved, having complete confidence in her worth and expressing deep love and respect for those around her.

She represents the germination of an idea before it is ready to be fully born, and the need to be receptive to change.

She represents creative force, abundance, growth, stability, amazing results, & embodiment of your feminine power.

The intention of this retreat is to empower women to manifest, and strengthen their relationship to abundance & wealth, release blocks, experience expansion & freedom, have FUN and leave with deep connection so you can birth your fullest expression and grow your EMPIRES fast.

What is The Empress Retreat?

It is an elite 6 days, 5 nights, immersion curated to reclaim the Empress hidden within you that is ready to be unleashed!
Every moment is curated with an intention of abundance,
ultimate growth, & renewal.

This retreat will help you step into self-love, confidence, crystal clarity embodiment of your vision for 2023, and a life of gratitude so you will become a magnet for your desires that you would like manifested.
It will be a gathering of like-minded visionaries and sisterhood who are on their journey of consciously healing, creating, and awakening into their highest version.

We wish to create a safe container, a judgement free zone where you feel accepted for who you are!

We only ask that you come with a curious mind, open heart and set aside your expectations

Are you ready for a magical, once in a lifetime experiences?

Where will this retreat be held?

Ubud, Bali 

January 2023 Weather

Hot sunny tropical weather with average temperatures of 78.8°F.
(Expect brief tropical downpours)

Who is this for?

✨ Women who are seriously looking to do
a deep dive into spiritual, energy & personal

✨ Women who are looking to be connected to a community of soul-aligned visionaries who
are making or nudged to make big moves in their communities

✨ Women who are ready to create more
freedom & abundance in their life

✨ Women who are looking to explore their
spirituality & deepen their relationship with
their highest self, God, Universe, Source

Who is this not for?

❎ Anyone who is not open to spirituality,
 expansion & self-healing inner work

❎ Anyone who is not looking to participate in
breathwork/meditations, & ceremonies
❎ Anyone who is not looking to do a deep dive
into their personal & spiritual development

✨Here is what happy clients had to say✨

Where will we be staying?

The retreat rooms and bungalows are encased in lush tropical vegetation, all decorated and arranged for your comfort, mixing modernity and Balinese tradition for the pleasure of the eyes.

Live life to the fullest, give yourself the permission to realize your dreams because only the dreams that are dreamt come true... magic is when something inaccessible becomes reality, when what you thought was impossible becomes part of daily life... until the next dream! Let's help you manifest that vision to life.

(Limited spots available)
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All inclusive activities:

👑 Accommodation 
👸 Welcome Reception Dinner 
👑 Daily Olympic sized swimming pool access 
👸 Transportation to activities 
👑 Daily Nourishing Breakfast & Dinner 
👸 Flower Mandala Sisterhood Ceremony 
👑 Exploration of Balinese Food & Culture 
👸 Ultimate Sound Healing Workshop 
👑 Balinese Cultural Immersion
🦄 Daily Immersive Transformative Breathwork
🧘‍♀️ Daily Grounding Earth Yoga/Movement
🦄 1 Massage spa service (first 5 people that book)
🧘‍♀️  Letting go fireside circle
🦄 Wealth Building "Work Smart NOT Hard" Masterclass
🧘‍♀️  Cacao Ceremony
🦄 Ubud Rice fields, & Waterfall Day Trip
🧘‍♀️ Sisterhood Private Exclusive Facebook community for post retreat connections & Ongoing Support Options

♾️ So much more….

What is not included?

⚔️ Flights
⚔️ Lunches (available for $5-10/day)
⚔️ Airport Transfer
⚔️ Alcoholic Beverages

What to expect on the Empress retreat?

👑 Soaking in & basking in the sacred energy & lushness of naturesque Bali
👑 Expertly guided breathwork meditations to reprogram your subconscious
👑 Movement & gentle somatic healing practices to integrate your mind & body
👑 Vision board party evening & sharing circle to expand you to dream big
👑 Exploring Balinese culture, food & people
👑 Sound healing night out a local deeply healing & immersive experience, waterfalls, Balinese dance activity, rice field swing group visit, hiking
👑 Deep connection with others through enlightening daily group activities
👑 Healthy organic locally sourced soulful meals (Breakfast & Dinners)
👑 Fireside letting go ceremony to uncover, unpeel & release your limiting beliefs that hold you back from SUCCESS! 
👑 Individual support as needed
👑 Daily integration & down time by the pool every afternoon
👑 Spa service (For 1st five women that book)
👑 Gorgeous accommodation encased in lush tropical vegetation, for your ultimate comfort
👑...and much more!!
In this 6 day journey you will transcend & tap into ultimate peace, confident & joyous version of you like you have never before & connect with other beautiful soulful women that you get to make deep connections with!

✅ Host provided welcome drink & care kit with lots of fun goodies to pamper you 
Identify, release, & process your unconscious self-limiting beliefs & resistance patterns to shift back into alignment quickly
Daily self-care & self-love practices to take home with you 
✅ You will also learn new tools, practices, & abundance habits
Ultimate self-mastery & self-healing
Set your vision & intention for 2023 & strategies and action steps 
Clear past money wounds & scarcity mindset & step into abundance vibration 
Learn new skills to make your wealth work for you in 2023
✅ Make new friends and be a part of lifelong sisterhood
1 post retreat 1:1 call with me & exclusive access to Facebook community (details will be discussed there)
✅ ...and much more!!

Unify Mind ✨ Body ✨ Brain ✨ Spirit... for Ultimate Transformation

January 25th - 30th 2023

Meet Your Retreat Host & Guide

Gunjani’s mission is to empower women, to consciously elevate them to be the highest version of themselves, and manifest a life of freedom & abundance we all desire!

She leans on her 15+ yrs of experience as a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, EMDR (Trauma) Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Trauma Informed Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Reiki Practitioner and an Award Winning Speaker to helping women live a life that is filled with peace, joy & bliss.
As a Certified Breathwork & Alignment coach nothing makes her more happy than to see women step into their inner power, become clear of their purpose, and experience profound 
inner peace & freedom.

The Empress Retreat is to help women around the globe reclaim the hidden Empress within them so they can live as an unapologetic version of themselves, and leave this experience feeling whole, integrated, and embodied of their vision for 2023.

Meet Zendy Wendy

Zendy Wendy is passionate about learning new things, traveling to new places, and meeting new people. With an adventurer’s mindset of joyful curiosity, she actively lives out her passion by helping others to create elite retreats, through her company, Elevate & Create Retreats.

 She is married and has raised 7 children, so maintaining balance has been an especially valuable and necessary intention. She will be leading us through ceremonies that helps us embrace that balance in our personal life so you can thrive as Empresses in our business. 
Lisa A Smith was financially independent at age 42, and retired from full time work at 45. She taught personal finances at the University level for 15 years and currently helps female entrepreneurs retire early! She loves pickleball, ultralight backing and a good market drop!

She will be leading you through a "Work smart not hard" masterclass that helps you shift into abundance consciousness so you can have your wealth work for you so you are not trading your time for money. 

Meet Lisa A Smith

Meet Becky Edwards

Becky Edwards is the author of Unlocking the Vault and host of 'Confidently Manage Your Bottom-Line' Masterclass. 

She helps women find the clarity to discover and navigate the journey to their wildest dreams and takes great joy in watching other women express their creativity, adding to the collection of knowledge and wisdom in our Universe. 

She will be leading you through Unlocking the Vault  journaling, a powerful creative self-introspective workshop that will help you tap deeper into the wisdom of Universe that lies within you!

Vision & Mission of this Retreat

By rewiring your neural pathways, removing subconscious scarcity blocks, and allowing nature to be your greatest catalyst, we will be setting a vision for your 2023, and working to embody you in a state of ultimate peace, joy and power for the entire year.  
Every experience is being curated with an intention of ultimate growth, abundance, & renewal. This retreat will help you step into self-love, confidence, crystal clarity of your vision & quality of life for 2023. You will become a magnet of your desires that you would liked manifested.
Transformation is only done in PLAY and decompression! Also expect to have loads of fun, laughter, connection with other gorgeous sisters. Enjoy very unique activities planned each day that will be connecting, relaxing, & rewarding. Expect adventures while there that you can only experience in Bali with your new sisters!
There’s a reason you are here. If you are being called to this let's get started on creating the dream version of YOU that has been nudging you deep down to be birthed!

It’s time!

The BEST ROOMS are reserved for those who take action and are the first to fully commit and pay for their spot.

Let’s unleash the EMPRESS within you so you can live your full potential in 2023!

Investment For Infinite Abundance 2023

Shared & Private Rooms
Private Bathrooms

$2297 ($4497)

Ready to join, but wait, you have questions….

How many people are you expecting for this retreat?

We are looking to hold space for 20 ambitious women, ready to step into their power and quantum leap to infinite abundance in all areas of life like they have never imagined before. Women looking to make 2023 as the best year of their life & live it confidently and unpologetically. 

Is this retreat open to all gender?

This experience is open to all women entrepreneurs who identify as female to create an all inclusive sisterhood for you to be vulnerable, in a safe container.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we are planning on two payment options. 1) Pay in full that secures your spot and assigns you a guaranteed spot in a room of choice you desire, 2) Partial payment could be available on case by case basis. Please get on the consideration list to discuss further details.

Are flights included?

 No, we are expecting this to be a global experience which means women will be flying from everywhere. Our intention in planning this retreat is ultimate joy, fun and stress free experience. It would be easier for you to use your miles, book your flights, and get there & plan to check in with us by January 25th 2023.

Will there be down time?

Absolutely, every afternoon around 12-3pm will be your time to grab your lunch, integrate, read by the pool, and just allow yourself to marinate in the beingness of the work you do in the mornings and the day before. This retreat isn’t about being on the go, or doing. Sometimes life gives us more when we just allow ourselves to be in the present moment & soak in all that is around us!

Will lunch be provided?

Breakfast and dinner everyday will be served, lunch will not be. Although, it is available for $5-10 USD if not less in amazing cafe’s around the villa in Ubud, Bali. It is an experience in itself that you don’t want to miss. Most cafe’s are located near by and we will share with you all the transportation options as we get closer to date.

Do I need vaccine to attend?

Indonesia requires you to be vaccinated for COVID. Please check this website for Indonesia vaccine requirements before you commit so it aligns with your values. No refund will be issued if you are not up to date on this information and fail to have COVID vaccine.

Is drinking alcohol allowed?

 For deep immersive shifts in your levels of consciousness & transformation to take place we plan to create a sober experience for 5 nights & 6 days for everyone that signs up.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Please read these terms & conditions >>>> Bali Retreat Terms & Conditions

Do I need anything to come to Bali?

 Come as you are! You will receive follow up emails & notices in our private Facebook community we have created just for this retreat once you are selected. All this information will be in your welcoming email.

We look forward to meeting you in paradise!

Whenever you are on your journey, know that you are enough, and worthy of all your dreams, desires, and aspirations you are striving to achieve. Rather than falling victim to your past experiences, pain, habits, we can use it to tap into the most infinite versions of ourself.
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